Commercial Flooring

Some floors have to be specialized and able to withstand tremendous wear and tear. from foot traffic.  In a commercial setting that is usually the case. These products can range from rubber floor to commercially-rated vinyl to commercial carpet - plus many more options.  There is even flooring that can display a company logo or team crest in a commercial application. 

Rubber floors are so durable that they can be used in exercise rooms or even a hockey rink. Action Flooring has installed specialty rubber floor and designed team logo flooring for both the Kingston Frontenacs and the Queen's Gaels hockey teams to create a very professional look.  

Many local businesses have used commercially-rated vinyl floors and commercial carpet so that they can withstand continuous use from thousands of customers each year. Action Flooring has installed both of these types of flooring in commercial settings like KGH Hospital, Queen's University, Invista and several local restaurants, hotels and government buildings.

Action Flooring Tip:  Before you settle on a commercial product visit our commercial supplier links on the right hand side of this page to see all of the possibilities that exist in today's flooring market in order to enhance your business appearance.