Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

One of the best inventions in flooring in recent years has been the introduction of luxury vinyl tiles. This type of flooring can often look identical to ceramic or porcelain tile. This product is most often grouted just like traditional tile and the final product is hard to tell apart from the genuine article. Aside from being a great looking floor, luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable and are able to stand up very well in high traffic areas.

Action Flooring Tip:  Luxury vinyl tile can replicate the look but avoid the cold feel of real ceramic and porcelain tile.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Vinyl luxury planks are quickly becoming a popular alternative to laminate and hardwood floors.  This product is able to be installed directly on cement and over top of radiant heat.  Some older homes have uneven cement floors in the basement and vinyl plank can be a wood look option where laminate or hardwood could not be used.

Action Flooring Tip:  Luxury vinyl planks can be removed and replaced one plank at a time. If damage occurs, a single piece can be replaced as opposed to removing an entire room of laminate or hardwood to fix one small area.